Frequently Asked Questions

In which league does DCTC Jr. Chargers Youth Football belong? 

We belong to The Chicagoland Youth Football League.  Please see to learn more.

When are the board meetings and who can attend? 

Board meetings are held each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Carpentersville Moose.   Please see our website for what date we are meeting for each month.  Anyone may attend the meetings.

When are team pictures? 

Team pictures will take place in early August.  The date will be announced via email, website and/or Team Parent.

What fundraisers will be conducted? 

There will be several optional fundraising events throughout the year such as a Corn Hole/Bags Tournament, Texas Hold’em Tournament, Homecoming, and pep rally.

Where can I purchase DCTC Jr. Chargers Youth Football apparel? 

Apparel and other items are for sale at registration, all home games and other special events.  We will have a link on our website for additional apparel ordering information.

Where can we find someone to get information from?

Visit our website or face book page.  At all home games all board members will have red polo shirts, and coaches will have blue polo shirts.

Are concessions available?

Concessions are available at all away and home games. Please patronize the concessions whenever possible. All teams count on the profits to help fund their programs.



What equipment is provided? 

Football Helmet
Shoulder Pads
Game Jersey*
Game Pants
Mouth Guard*  

*These are items are yours to keep

What equipment will I need to supply for my child? 

  • Practice Pants, and Jersey
  • Shoes: You can use non-metal spike shoes you already have from another sport, or you can purchase a pair of
  • football shoes/spikes. 
  • Mouth Guard: When purchasing a mouth guard, they cannot be clear.  White or colored plastic are allowed by the league rules. 
  • Protective cup with supporter for male players 
  • Water bottle 

When is equipment pick-up?  

The date will be announced via email and on the website at least two weeks before the pick-up date. You will need to leave a security deposit in the form of a check, postdated to December 1.  The amount of the check will need to be for $150.  When the equipment is returned, the check will be returned to you.  It will only be cashed in the event the equipment is not returned at the end of the season.

When will equipment be returned? 

Equipment will need to be returned during a mid-November weekend date, and/or after Super Bowl weekend.  See “What equipment is provided” for which equipment needs to be returned.

What size football is used? 

Here are the official footballs allowed by TCYFL:

Division Wilson Baden Nike Rawlings
Heavyweight TDY FX500Y Youth ST5 Youth
Lightweight TDY FX500Y Youth ST5 Youth
Middleweight TDJ FX500JR  Junior T5 Junior
Featherweight TDJ FX500JR Junior ST5 Junior
Bantam K – 2 FX500PW Pee Wee ST5 Pee Wee



When is the first practice? 

  • Dates TBD – Practice will be conditioning with no pads.  Helmets can be worn.
  • Dates TBD – Full equipment will be worn. 10 hours of conditioning have to be met before full contact.

Where is practice? 

  • See our website for location, directions and a field map.
  • We move to this location due to darkness and BCC provides a lighted field.  Please see our website for directions and a field map.

When will my child practice? 

  • Mini-Camp – Five days a week, Monday thru Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Training Camp – Three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Regular Season – At least two days a week, Monday & Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Postseason – Will be determined by your coach.

What should my child wear to practice? 

  • Before July 29, your child should wear their practice jersey (most players prefer to wear a shirt underneath), shorts, socks of their choosing, football shoes/spikes and bring their helmet and mouth guard.
  • After July 29, your child should wear their practice jersey, practice pants, all pads, socks of their choosing, football spikes, helmet, and mouth guard.

What should my child bring to practice?

Besides the required equipment, they should bring a large water bottle and bug spray.

How will I know if practice is cancelled? 

Practice is rarely cancelled.  Lightning is usually the main reason for a cancellation; sometimes the school or park district determines the fields are too wet.  Rain alone does not necessarily warrant a cancellation. You will be notified of a cancellation with a call from your coach or team parent, and it will be posted on our website.  Please be aware that often the decision to cancel a practice is made just before practice is scheduled to begin.  If not sure check the website, or wait for your coach/team parent to call you.



What are the levels and what do they mean? 

  • Flyweight is for 5-6 year olds weighting less than 77 pounds.
  • Bantam is for 6 – 8 year-olds weighing less than 90 pounds.
  • Featherweight is for 9 – 10 year-olds weighing less than 100 pounds.
  • Middleweight is for 11 – 12 year-olds weighing less than 110 pounds.
  • Lightweight is for 12 – 14 year-olds weighing less than 130 pounds and not in high school
  • Heavyweight is for 12 – 14 year-olds weighting less than 170 pounds and not in high school

How many players are on a team? 

There are between 15 and 22 players on a team.

How do they decide which team my child will be on? 

There is an evaluation process run by the coaches.  After the evaluation process the coaches will divide up the kids at each level, and teams that they will play on.

What is the role of a Team Parent? 

A team parent will work hand and hand with the head coach, organize the game day snack schedule, schedule concession stand, field set-up and take-down volunteers, and will be the point person for the distribution of league and program information.  They will be on our Homecoming activities committee.



When does the season start and end? 

There will be a pre-season scrimmage game in mid-August.  Regular season games typically will begin the last weekend in August and continue for nine (9) games.   If your team makes the playoffs, games would start in late October and could play games until the early November – “Super Bowl weekend”.

When are the games played? 

Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays and are usually scheduled at 9:00 am, 10 am, 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm.

Where are the games played? 

Home games will be played at our home field, Dundee Crown High School.  Please see our website for schedules and maps or under schedules.

How long does a game last? 

  • Flyweight Levels* – Both halves twenty minutes and halves will be played using a running clock.  Halftime will be 8 minutes long. Team provides after game snack.
  • Bantam Levels* – 8-minute per quarter stop clock with an 8-minute halftime. Team provides after game snack.
  • Featherweight and Middleweight Levels* – 9-minute per quarter stop clock with a 9-minute halftime. Team provides after game snack.
  • Lightweight and Heavyweight Levels* – 10-minute per quarter stop clock with a 10-minute halftime. Team provides after game snack.

*The players in these levels must weigh-in one hour prior to the kick-off of their game.  Players missing weigh-in are ineligible to play game that day

How is a game scored?

  • A touchdown is six (6) points.
  • Two (2) points are awarded for a successful conversion kick after a touchdown.
  • One point (1) is for successful runs or passes conversion after a touchdown.
  • Safety is Two (2) points.

When we will know our game schedule?

Our parent league, TCYFL sets the schedules. Pac 10 often is scheduled just a few weeks at a time.  We appreciate your patience with the process.

What happens on Homecoming Weekend? 

One weekend during the regular season will be designated as Homecoming.  There will be special events, on field presentations, car decorating and lots of fun.  There will also be yard signs available for purchase.

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